Better in 3D!!

Hey listen!! Our 3D-modelers and artist are working hard to finish our characters in 3D to start to animate this.

Take a look!!

Clumsy 3d model

vistaslagy vistasopi vistasguardian smut_render



We are Onki Studios!

We are Onki Studios a small indie team working currently in our first game  Unnamed.  We are working hard to finish a little demo to show the potential of the complete game.

So, if you are interested in this project and wants to know all about the development follow this blog to see how we work.

logo onki studios      

About Unnamed

What is Unnamed? Unnamed is a third person action game where you take control of Clumsy, a explorer who has to save the world of Veorandi of the evil that himself have been awakened.

Yes, yes, yes, just another game with the same topics as the other games…maybe…but why you not try it? We promise you an amazing story accompanied by a epic battles versus a lot of enemies and endearing characters.

Follow us to the great adventure of Unnamed…